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gabo Systemtechnik Product brochure 2 speed·pipe ® indoor system Network level 4 Fiber-optic more and more approaches the end-user – also inside buildings efficient passive infrastructures are in demand for fiber-optic installations. Provision even is obligatory – and is engraved in stone for the whole European Union: „The existence of high-speed electronic communications networks up to the end- user should […] be facilitated, in particular by high-speed-ready in-building physical infrastructure. Given that providing for mini-ducts during the construction of a building has only a limited incremental cost while retrofitting buildings […], all new buildings or buildings subject to major renovation should be equipped with physical infrastructure, allowing the connection of end-users with high-speed networks.“ (Excerpt from EU directive 2014/61/EU) Article 8 of the directive demands the integration of high-speed-ready, in-buil- ding physical infrastructures for all new buildings and extensive renovations with applied building permit after the 31st of December 2016. But inside buildings particularly strict requirements to fire protection are effective. On the next pages you will learn more about how we can support you in your building planning. Networks of the future. Safety obliges.